I broadcast therefore I am

parabole-immeuble-alger-lkeria A sea of blossoming sprouts gazing at the sky, ornamented with their  immaculate white as an army of brides.  These offshoots overwhelming  Algeria’s roof tops are scentless and never fading. This is not a unique  North African bread of flowers but rather a profusion of satellite dishes  that, over the years, have become an integral part of Algeria’s skyline.
 If you were to set foot in Algeria for the first time, you can expect sense of  curiosity to be dazzled by a number of unseen sceneries. Cigarette selling  stalls at every street corner where you can buy individual ones is probably  one of the most noticeable. But if raise your gaze in the sky, you  will comprehend the full extent of the Algerian people appetite for TV watching and predominantly foreign channels. (more…)


May 8th 1945 – The beginning of the end

tumblr_mkkthv29QH1rqkjy0o8_r1_400  Today the majority of western countries celebrate the 8th May, the day  when, one of bloodiest warfare in modern human history came to an end.  Today, Europeans remember how 69 years ago, their societies were on  the brink of dominance by Nazi power. Europe was finally relieved from  the threat of this totalitarian regime which incepted from its heart.

 When Europe was overwhelmed with the end of war euphoria,  simultaneously and across the Mediterranean sea tens of thousands of  Algerians were quietly massacred by the French occupant in retaliation  for their legitimate appeal for liberty. (more…)

Resisting the lure

B_AbnZHUQAAja8bHardly ever an energy policy topic mattered amongst the Algerian society more than recent shale gas exploration. The variety of supporters, opponents, critics and experts who outpaced one another to voice their opinions in favour or against shale gas exploitation contrasts quite notably with the general withdrawal from the public debate which has characterized the Algerian society in recent years. (more…)

The unfulfilled dream

women-cyberactivism-arab-springSome international events are relevant enough to occupy newspapers headlines for weeks, others can swiftly trigger trending social media buzz and grasp the blogosphere’s attention around the world. But very few make it to the ultimate realm of history turning points. When the entire world discovered, in 2011,  the “Arab Spring” wave unfolding, sweeping three long standing Arab leaders within eight months and overwhelming millions of Arabs with hope of brighter future, it quickly became acknowledged that the Arab world’s modern history will be divided in a “Before” and an “After” Arab spring era. (more…)